hI HI!

Hi there, I'm Meg, the sole creative force behind Meg Dowd Photo. While I may not be well-versed in astrology, I'm a true Taurus who adores music, blooms, and all things vintage. I proudly hail from the Garden State, but my guilty pleasure is impulsively booking flights to far-flung destinations – a habit that could work in your favor if you're considering an elopement!

My journey into photography started as a simple hobby, capturing candid moments of friends and family in a documentary style. It all began when a teacher gifted me a bag of film and a vintage camera, igniting my passion. The realization that I could turn my love for photography into a career came after numerous disappointments in other jobs and leaving college behind. Eventually, I built a substantial portfolio, and that's how we arrived here today. I've held a camera for nine years, with five years of dedicated wedding photography experience.

But there's more to me than just photography. I'm a music enthusiast who's seen Dead + Company perform over ten times. I find solace in yoga, thrive in the warmth of the sun, and have a profound appreciation for good tunes. I'm a natural-born hugger and a true romantic at heart!