hI HI!

I'm Meg - the main and only girl behind Meg Dowd Photo. I'm a taurus though I don't know anything about astrology besides that - I love music, flowers, and anything old school. I'm a Jersey girl but my toxic trait is booking a trip anywhere in the world the second it looks even remotely enticing - which could benefit you if you're planning on eloping lol.

My photography started long ago as a hobby at first - taking photos of my friends, family, documentary style. A teacher of mine had given me a bag of film and a film camera and it grew from there. It was never presented to me that I could make a living doing something that I love and it was something I figured out for myself after lots of lots of heartbreak in career settings and dropping out of college - I finally built my portfolio enough to start my own business -and that brings us here! I've been holding a camera for 9 years, and shooting weddings for 5.

There is more to me than my photography though. I love music and I've seen Dead + Company 10+ times. I love yoga, the sun, and good music. I'm a hugger and a lover!