I started off taking pictures of sunsets and nature then grew a love for portraits and now I do a little bit of everything! I overuse exclamation points in my emails and I don’t have the most formal etiquette but I'm just trying to keep it real here. I love love music (specifically, John Mayer and The Growlers) and at some point during every wedding I’ll hit the dance floor with my bride. I’m 5 ft tall & still look like I’m 16, so I get asked a solid 5 times how old I am at every shoot (I’m 22, btw!) Next question is normally about where I went to school and - I didnt! I just got really lucky and learned from the best throughout high school.  I really enjoy the simple things and love documenting life’s big (and small) moments. Meredith Hudson taught me everything I know about taking a good photo and Vin Doyle gave me his film camera for graduation so I am forever grateful for them. Aside from pictures, I’m a beach girl, and a mountain girl, and a desert girl. But also, a nap girl. If I could go the rest of my life without wearing shoes I’d do so and my outfits never match and my hair is a different color every month. I’ll go anywhere and i’ll shoot anything & I’m just hoping one day I’ll have flights booked around the world capturing moments for people who really appreciate my work, & me! Also, it’s Meg, not Megan, or Margaret, or anything else! If you made it this far.. just know i appreciate you more than you know and you’re supporting a small business!⚡️

Oh, also I take much pride in my playlists.