Meg Dowd Photo

Hey hey! My name's Meg (not Megan, not Margaret, not short for anything!) Lover of being barefoot, hibachi take out and John. Mayer. When I was younger I'd sift through plastic bins full of old photographs of my family and imagine myself in those moments.. for hours. It wasn't until my sophomore year of high school that I picked up a camera myself and took it on every adventure with my friends. I'm pretty much known for documenting everything that happens in my life through either my iPhone or my DSLR. I come from a huuuuuge family and luckily for me everybody had babies right around the time that I learned how to use a camera! I love capturing life's biggest moments, along with the quiet moments that often get brushed off. I'm also a hopeless romantic (seriously I watch the movie P.S. I Love You more than the average human should) so weddings are kiiiinda my thing. There's also a good chance I'll cry during your first dance... But seriously, I shoot with a sliver of hope that, someday, someone down the line will be sifting through bins of my photos and feel almost as if they were there, in those moments. 

Though this may come as a surprise, I do enjoy things other than photography! I love love love music. I'm infamous among my friends for stealing the aux cord and strictly playing my favorite playlists.  I like long car rides, cheap take out, 20-minute guitar solos, binge watching terrible Netflix series, and purchasing plane tickets that completely wipe out my bank account. All things considered, I’m happily, comfortably me.

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